The Napkin Fold

How to create the napkin fold



The Napkin Fold is a beautiful idea to decorate one of your scrapbook pages.  You can write a nice quote inside, place a photo, add a small item (a key perhaps) or you can decorate it as you like.  So, get your materials and follow the video!

The basic materials you will need are:

1 piece of carton 20 cm X 20 cm - preferably in plain colour

1 piece of carton 9.5 cm X 9.5 cm - for the inside surface

2 pieces of carton 4cm X 4cm each, cut diagonally to give 4 triangles.

ruler, scissors or paper cutter, and glue.  


  • use plain paper or carton for the base (20 cm X 20 cm)
  • use a floral or a patterned paper/carton for the smaller pieces in matching colors.
  • The last part of the folding is a little bit tricky, but if you take the middle of the paper edge and move it towards the center of the square, you will get your folds in no time!

Happy Creations!!!!  

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