About Us

If you love crafting and handmade products then you will love this store!

Here, you will find a variety of materials, starting from the album itself to lots and lots of decorative items, to create your own personalized photo album/journal or card!!!

But if you are not in a creative mood and just want a unique handmade gift, then check our handmade collection of photo albums, rag dolls,  gift boxes, small paintings and other decorative items. Each piece is unique! 

You can also find a selection of prints on canvas from the series of photos named 'cityscapes'  I created in 2018, and 'Nature- a different perception; from my new 2022 collection.     

Our  physical shop/workshop in Limassol is now open and if you are in town you are welcome to visit us!!   

Art and Craft classes are also  available for kids and adults (more details in the home page).

Happy Creations!!!!