How to handle rice paper

How to handle rice paper


 Rice paper is a very delicate product and can be easily damaged.   Here are some tips on how to handle it:

 1. How to cut rice paper

The best way to cut rice paper is by using your hands and not a pair of scissors.  In order to ensure that the paper is cut where you want it,  use a wet thin but hard paint brush.

Mark a wet line on your paper where you would like to cut your design and then very carefully, using your hands 'tear' the paper where it is wet.      If it dried, wet the line again.

In this way you will not have sharp edges and the edges will be easily blended with your acrylics and be almost invisible.

Please keep in mind that some times, rice paper has thick and hard rice veins.  In this case, you will need to cut that small part (the vein) with scissors.


2. How to glue the rice paper on a surface.

In my example on the short video, I use rice paper on canvas.  To fix it in the most efficient way and to avoid ending up with a wrinkled surface,  follow the steps below:

Find the centre of your piece of paper and the spot you want to fix it.    

Put some glue on your brush and draw a verticle line on the canvas, and place the  centre of your paper.  Press lightly with your palm.     That is, glue the centre first.

Then,  apply glue on the right half side of the canvas and press lightly the rice paper. Use an old card to ensure that the paper is well fixed and no air is trapped.    Always move from centre to the edges.

Then, apply glue on the left half side on the canvas and do the same.  Fix the paper with your palm, and use the card to remove any air trapped underneath the paper.    

Two-three times should be enough.   

Finally, apply glue on the top of the design, moving from the centre to the edges.  (Cover the whole design).

Be careful not to overdo it, as the paper may stuck on the brush and be damaged. 

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